>1 in 2 U.S. full time RPA practitioners are members

We have access to the RPA Directors who employ 3/4 of US RPA practitioners

For practitioners all our services are no-cost

We are the US's only RPA exclusively-focused search firm

Clients email their messages to our community

We were founded...

to evangelize the business process automation benefits of software robots  

to be a knowledge resource for companies starting- or try to speed- their RPA journey

to source RPA resources for companies seeking RPA experts 

to foster knowledge-sharing camaraderie, professional development and resource sharing between our members


to support our mission of bringing RPA benefits to the broadest audience, we do not charge practitioners for any of our services, membership nor events 


A 12,800 member community

We are a global coalition of RPA practitioners
If you are interested in our community, please contact us
Our ranks also include strategic mgmt consultants who are experts at sizing & articulating the benefits of RPA
  These skills create opportunities for winning RPA implementation engagements
There is no cost to practitioners for any Association service
We welcome 
practitioners from any country, industry, and skilled in any RPA software platform

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is the application of low-cost, visual workflow software to manipulate existing applications in order to automate business processes

RPA is distinguished by being inexpensive to implement- often with paybacks of less than 2 months


RPA is often used in processes where the potential cost savings, customer experience improvement, or error reductions are too small to warrant material software development programming

Value proposition for our independent consultants

We provide our members with forums to discuss implementation challenges & share knowledge 


We create- and distribute at no cost- the Annual RPA Compensation Survey & Human Capital Insights from our 4000 RPA practitioner resumes

Companies in need of RPA implementation resources use us to source RPA experts and then hire, or contract with, our members- we provide a conduit for new jobs for our members

For companies interested in RPA knowledge

& implementation resources:

We source direct hire, contract or contract-to-hire candidates for clients.  Because our community is global, we can provide RPA experts where needed


Because our experts come from all industries & have deep knowledge of all RPA packages, we can help companies find an expert who will know their tools & platforms

All of our recruiters have 10+ years IT recruiting experience at top tier recruiting firms


Companies can also email messages to our community & engage us to help them in their RPA business development efforts


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Association of RPA Implementers

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